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25 2004 .

We need professionals

Thank you for the interest in . We warmly welcome you to our We need professionals page!

The personnel of TMK Management Company presently amounts to more than 700 employees who enjoy competitive salaries and attractive benefits.

TMK recruits are expected to be highly efficient, enterprising, loyal, and successfully complete an evaluation period.

If you would like to know if you are a fit with TMK, please study the list of vacancies and send us your CV. TMK invites experienced specialists and managers ready to realise their potential and join our dynamic and united team.

is looking for employees both for its Moscow and for local offices.

Our employees enjoy the following advantages:

  • work in the team of professionals;
  • career development inside the Company;
  • balance of monetary and non-monetary incentives;
  • bonuses according to key performance measurements;
  • annual leave of 28 calendar days;
  • free medical insurance and reduced-charge medical insurance for family members

Please send applications by fax to +7 495 775-76-01, or +7 495 775-76-02, or by e-mail to


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