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Все новости от 7 декабря 1999 г.

Optima completes first stage of Kostromaenergo project

Optima and the Russian office of Cisco Systems have announced that they have completed the first stage of a project to build an ATM network for Kostromaenergo. The project calls for the interconnection of information systems being used at all the divisions of the customer in the city of Kostroma and its region. The first stage involved the interconnection of six divisions in Kostroma, using fiber optic lines and Cisco networking equipment - the switches LightStream 1010, Catalyst 5505, Catalyst 2820, and the routers Cisco 7505, Cisco 3640, Cisco 3620. The next stage - to interconnect regional divisions - will be started in January 2000. The equipment is supplied under a leasing scheme through Capita Corporation, a subsidiary of Newcourt. Kostromaenergo is to make payments once a quarter to completely pay the loan in three years. Once the network is complete, the power company plans to use about 20 percent of its capacity for its needs, while the rest will be used for the provision of voice and data services.

Optima: (+7 095) 267-33-47 www.optima.ru Cisco Systems: (+7 095) 961-14-10 www.cisco.ru


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