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Все новости от 14 ноября 2005 г.

Renovation and Upgrading

TMK follows its upgrading and renovation policy implemented in the year of 2004 to become more competitive on the pipe market; this policy provides an upgrade of current facilities and construction of new production areas and facilities. The TMK Group facilities and production processes are upgrading in the following areas:
  • Steelmaking;
  • Pipe rolling;
  • Pipe welding;
  • Company-wide measures are taken;
  • Information technologies;
  • Introduction of new products.

The Company has broad experience in commissioning major manufacturing facilities. It purchases virtually all major equipment from leading international manufacturers and has wide experience in introduction and operation of foreign-made equipment. The production process development is based on a comprehensive approach where all production-process stages (starting from the pipe shell to the end product) shall be upgraded and used on a higher technological level (this is not applicable to SinTZ, Open Corporation).
The most important for the Company is to develop production processes for seamless pipes, especially for such products of a high consumer value as oil-grade threaded pipes. In addition, the Company will make investments to develop its own pipe-shell production facilities to enhance economic safety for seamless pipe production, to reduce costs, and to manufacture more large-diameter pipes which are in a great demand on the market.
When the Company follows its production restructuring Programs developed to manufacture new products, it takes into account a traditional specialization of each shop, the distances between the shops and regional markets as well as market specifications.


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