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14 2005 .

Health and Safety

The Company believes that social responsibility is a corporate priority, particularly with respect to protection of employees.

TMKs social policy recognises the Companys responsibility to its employees and their families for stable employment conditions and a decent standard of living. This strategy has generated a 15 to 20 percent reduction in the staff turnover rate.

The social policy is based on the following principles and priorities:

  • Socially responsible management of employment;
  • Employees health has a priority over production results;
  • Partnership with public organisations and with employees representatives;
  • Social responsibility for community development in areas where TMK divisions are located.

Significant investments are being made in the development of social facilities, including childcare centres, schools, recreation areas, sport facilities and community centres. These developments are being made in cooperation with local authorities.

The Company contributes towards the cost of employees vacations in order to provide employees with quality recreation and recovery time. The Company also subsidises meals and childrens programmes.

All Company employees and retirees are entitled to quality medical care at the Companys medical facilities, including first-aid stations, factory clinics and hospitals. In addition, great efforts are being made to introduce an optional health insurance programme.

All Company divisions have special programmes to support young, retired, and former employees.

The Company has started developing a Corporate Retirement Programme that includes a Company pension for employees.

In addition, special attention is paid to housing issues, for which a mortgage system has been introduced.


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