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Все новости от 14 ноября 2005 г.

Environmental Protection

A sound environmental policy is an integral part of the production development programme. Company divisions operate pursuant to current environmental and hygiene regulations and take regular measures to reduce the environmental impact from manufacturing activities.

The Company is taking measures to:

  • Reduce emissions;
  • Reduce pollution into the water supply;
  • Protect the land from industrial and domestic waste.

The above measures are supported with the following:

  • Technological development to reduce the adverse environmental impact of the Company's activities;
  • Construction of treatment facilities;
  • Technical upgrading in the Company to introduce environmentally safe production processes.

Environmental measures are incorporated into all TMK innovation programmes. The upgrading programme for TMK facilities provides commissioning of modern high-tech equipment that comply with all environmental regulations as well as the implementation of advanced material and energy saving technologies.


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