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8 2005 .


To be a responsible Global Supplier of Efficient Tubular Solutions

Global as we become more and more involved in the world pipe business, we are increasing overseas sales and optimising our products and market portfolios by strengthening partnerships with existing and new customers. We consider alliances and partnerships as opportunities to improve our global competitiveness.

"Tubulars this is the business that we do best - the manufacture of steel pipes and provision of related services. We firmly believe in the sustainable growth of the pipe industry. We are going to allocate our investmentsto further enhance TMK's competitive position in the industry.

Efficient Solutions we continue to be an innovative companybuilding and developing strong relationships with customers based on the concept of long-term partnership, the quality of our products and services and constant innovation to meet our customers' challenging needs.

Responsible we respect and highly appreciate the loyalty of our shareholders, customers, suppliers, and employees. We support the regions and protect the environment where our production sites are located. For shareholders, we focus on sustainable long-term growth in earnings to deliver aproper return on their investment. For customers, we seek to provide additional value from the application of our products. For employees, we continue to offer exciting opportunities and development of their skills. We appreciate and reward our employees' contribution to TMKs success and consider our priority to protect their safety and health.


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