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2004-2-16 / 2004-2-16




16 2004 .

Coral dental device - already in Russia

Sensation! Dental device Coral is already in Russia.
For the first time dental device for right-handed and left-handed persons has appeared in Russia.
Due to the innovative approach to ergonomics of the known European manufacturer - FEDESA factory (Spain), a possibility to take into consideration specific characteristics of the doctor and his requirements to ergonomics of the equipment has become real.

Light and elegant armchair can be easily adjusted for the characteristics of a particular dentist while assembling, and at the same time it doesnt influence comfort of the patient due to symmetry of device configuration. The original system of fastening the holder of assistants table to the hydro block base enables easy adjustment of the table for right-handed and left-handed doctors.

Fundamentally new mechanism of armchair movement combines reliability of the classical pattern with convenience of elevator movement.

The original design, lightness and elegance of construction accentuate taste and style of modern clinic.

Do not miss the sensation of the year Coral dental device - at the nearest exhibition!


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