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Все новости от 16 февраля 2004 г.

2003 brand-new product from BTL Company (Czechia)

New series of physiotherapeutic apparatus BTL 5000 allow to combine three types of physiotherapeutic affect in a single device, it has modern design, and its modular system allows to combine devices in accordance with the needs of clinics, which enables to create a uniform multipurpose unit and to update the equipment in the future.

New series of BTL physiotherapeutic equipment represent six types:
  • Device for ultrasound therapy
  • Device for laser therapy
  • Electrotherapeutic device
  • Combined device for electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy
  • Combined device for electrotherapy and laser therapy
  • Combined device for electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy
All devices of series 5000 are equipped with a monochrome touch screen.

BTL 5000Electrotherapeutic devices allow to use all basic types and modifications of low and mid-frequency therapeutic currents (galvanic currents, Trabert current, diadynamic currents, rectangular, triangular and exponential impulses, the Kots currents, 4- and 2-polar interference, TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nervous Stimulation), dipole vector field, isoplanar vector field), and their combinations.

Multifrequency ultrasound emitter heads (1 and 3 MHz) give a guaranteed form of ultrasonic field; they are equipped with the indicator of stationary waves appearance.

The device has red and infra-red lasers with capacity up to 400 mW. Up to 6 laser probes can be connected to one device.

Programmed treatment protocols and possibility to make and save individual therapeutic programs in the memory of the device. allow the doctor to obtain treatment recommendations for a wide range of diseases (time, intensity, amount of procedures, arrangement of electrodes), and to save working hours. They are numbered and kept in alphabetic order according to nosologic forms. Besides, the devices enable to enter treatment parameters manually and to save up to 500 individual combinations for subsequent procedures. Memory of the device can keep the data on 20 last procedures.

Convenient and easy-to-operate menu enables the doctor to choose quickly necessary treatment protocol. Systems of screen brightness adjustment, installed screen saver, automatic switching off make the use BTL-5000 devices convenient and pleasant.

After switching on the device makes self-testing including connection of sensors and cables.

Devices may be installed on convenient mobile supports supplied in two variants.

During the course of therapy the screen displays information on key treatment parameters (time, channels, and used therapeutic methods).

You may choose color of the device (dark blue, blue, yellow, and orange)


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