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23 2004 .

Laboratory of innovative technologies

Laboratory of innovative technologies is a unique department which creative activity is aimed at searching and development of new products and technologies for the Russian medical market. Its establishment in May, 2003 became a clear evidence of the choice made by the Founders of the Company - choice made for the benefit of financing of innovations and researches, which value concerns not only the development of competitive advantages of the company, but also the development of domestic public health system.

Market researchers and analysts who know 3-4 foreign languages, persons of great erudition which allows them to be always up-to-date regarding the newest developments and scientific and enginerring trends in medical field, work in the Laboratory. Analysis of existing achievements made by doctors and researchers of various countries of the world allows them to see new opportunities and prospects in making the demanded products for the Russian market.

Existing strong demand for innovative approaches regarding settlement of any patients problems about which our clients medical and prophylactic institutions from all regions of Russia - inform our commercial services, sets the fashion for the vector of their creative and research work. Due to possibilitie to apply directly to the market and apprise its needs at any time allows the employees of the Laboratory to make reliable predictions and expert judgements regarding the innovations they meet in the course of their activities. Methods of Laboratorys work are unique. Methods of work with information, formalization of ideas and projects, technologies of purposeful search, collective creative activity and expert judgements created by the Laboratory, become highly effective instruments also for other specialists of the Company.

If you have stopped, this means that you move back with respect to modern life environment. And if this has not been seen before nor has been so dynamic, at least not so crucial, it woould be possible to pursue with some efforts, with the help of muscles, then now it could be possible to pursue (and shoot forward) only due to some innovative decisions that is due to intellectual advantages this is the opinion of the Laboratory Head, Deputy General Manager of the Company mr. Andrey Vladimirovich Skvortsov (). The main task of the Laboratory is to provide the Company with this important advantage.


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