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23 2004 .

Moscow Division

Moscow division has been fulfilling its activity since 1991. Turnover of the division is at present 26 500 000 dollars a year. The division works actively with all commodity groups of the Company, as well as with all key governmental and private structures of the public health system in Moscow and Moscow region.

The most important customers are: Moscow Regional Oncological Clinic, Oncological Scientific Centre named after N.N.Blokhin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Defense (Main Military Hospital named after Burdenko, the 3-rd Central Military Hospital named after Vishnevsky, the 25-th Central Military Hospital of Rocket Forces in Odintsovo, the 32nd Central Naval Hospital in Kupavna and others), LPU MedBioExtrem (Clinical Hospital No. 6 MedBioExtrem of inistry of Public Health of the Russian Federation), Hematological Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Diagnostic Complex No. 1 of the National Medical Surgical Centre named after N.I.Pirogov, Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics named after N.N.Priorov, Russian Scientific Centre of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, departamental clinics (Hospital of Administrative Department of President of the Russian Federation, Central Hospital of Ministry of Home Affairs, Central Military Hospital of Federal Security Service, Central Hospital of Ministry of Railways named after Semashko) and other medical institutions.

Some of the most important contracts concluded in 2003 were: supplies of pharmaceutical products to Oncological Scientific Centre named after N.N.Blokhin, to the 1st Pharmaceutical Warehouse, Hospital named after Burdenko and Institute of Traumatology named after N.N.Priorov. The Company has won tenders for the supply of medical products organized by Ministry of Public Health of Moscow region, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Home Affairs, and MBE. In 2003 the division equipped a number of large dental clinics in Moscow and Moscow region: Outpatient Department No. 1 of the Russian Academy of Sciences, OOO Amdent, OOO Klarimed, OOO Argus, OOO StomatBusiness etc.

In addition to the work with medical and prophylactic institutions of Moscow and Moscow region and structures of the governmental public health system in respect of purchase of medicines and medical equipment, the division fulfills strong activities on the pharmaceutical retail market. Medical products are sold to final consumers through drugstores White Lotus and PharmLex which are distinguished by wide range of products and low prices. Today the division occupies about 70 % of the wholesale market of Moscow region and 40 % of the retail market of expensive oncological and hematological medicinal preparations in Moscow. Joint-Stock Company Intermedservice fulfills its activities within the framework of uniform corporate registration system. Access to all warehouses Of the company in on-line mode allows to provide the customers of the company with high quality services and with maximal business opportunities.

Company Division in Moscow

Regional manager - Shemetova Elena Albertovna
Moscow, Vtoraya Vladimirskaya Str., 59/39
Tel: (095) 518-99-66 (multichannel), 518-99-68
Fax: (095) 309-01-93, 368-57-32



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