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23 2004 .

Intermedservice in Russia

Intermedservice Joint-Stock Company: a resource of innovations for Russia

Joint-Stock Company Intermedservice was founded in 1991 as a Russian company based on a private capital.
In the beginning of 90s the Russian government, for the first time, abandoned the state monopoly on medical products import, since could not secure quality and the range of goods for human health. The founders desire to act on this market was motivated by deep awareness of the situation, as one of them had medical education and practical experience and the other had economical experience. From the very beginning they have decided to concentrate on high technology medical equipment.

Following the demand of the market the Company showed readiness to work with the wide range of products for medical purposes, based on real needs of doctors and their patients.
Wishing to approximate its activity to customers and get well acquainted with market demands induced Joint-Stock Company Intermedservice to establish branches. At present the branches with warehouses have been established in all administrative regions of Russia, and commercial representatives of Joint-Stock Company Intermedservice work practically in all large cities of the Russian Federation.

Annual turnover of the Company is at present about 60 million dollars. The Company works with the leading Europeans manufacturers to supply a wide range of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment for oncology, stomatology, diagnostics, rehabilitation, cosmetology, surgery and other medical fields. The Company demonstrates an example of legal business conducted on the Russian market, showing the conformity with the state regulation in all areas of its activity, from product licensing and certification to full tax payments and payment of salaries through the Savings Bank of Russia.

The integrated accounting system is accepted in the Company. Intranet provides for a full access to necessary information resources for each employee. Since 2003 Intrmedservice has introduced Balance Scored Card as an instrument of control over the compliance of current activity of the company with strategic goals. The Company improves qualification of its human resources by distance training. There are graduates of programs of business-schools among directors and senior staff of the Company.

Supporting development of Russian medicine the Company participates in publication of Jornal of Angiology and Vascular Surgery , and also sponsors a number of charity projects.

A new Mission according to which Intermedservice is positioned as an introducer of innovative medical achievements, was developed by the Founders in 2002.

The Company has got all necessary resources to attain this: high management level and clear goals, wide network of representation offices within the country, good knowledge of the market and situation in medical sphere, professionalism of the staff, stable development and readiness to invest money in R&D.
In 2003 the Company established a new department called ITL aimed at the development of new medical products for domestic public health services.

A new department called Innovative Technologies Laboratory, the aim of which is to develop medical innovative products for domestic public health services, was founded in 2003. The Company is open for cooperation and possesses necessary growth dynamics allowing to see the future and to open a new stage of innovation development in medical field of Russia.


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