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Все новости от 1 августа 2001 г.

Central Telegraph suspends participation in Sonic Duo

Central Telegraph shareholders have voted to temporarily suspend the participation Central Telegraph's mobile arm, CT-Mobile, in Sonic Duo, one the three Moscow-based GSM operators. CT-Mobile owns 65 percent of Sonic Duo. According to acting general director of Central Telegraph Vaagan Martirosyan, expenses incurred by his company in the Sonic Duo project appeared to be higher than outlined in the initial business plan. Subsequent to this decision, Central Telegraph signed an agreement with Transcontinental Mobile Investments (TMI), under which CT-Mobile can renew its participation in the project if it finds the necessary budget (a minimum of $10.5 million) by the end of this year. Otherwise, LV-Finance, the owner of TMI, will become a 100 percent owner of Sonic Duo.


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