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Все новости от 25 апреля 2000 г.

RTSoft completes part of Energosviaz project

RTSoft has announced that it has completed a stage of a project it is carrying out at Energosviaz. The stage called for the installation of a system designed by RTSoft for the collection and distribution of information about the energy system of Moscow and its region. According to RTSoft projects director Vladimir Gromov, the project was launched three years ago and the further stages call for the upgrade of the customer’s hardware infrastructure. The system is based on Motorola Computer Group VME equipment, the OS-9 operating system, the SCADA system InTouch, Microsoft SQL Server, and RTSoft software. The whole project is to be completed this year.

RTSoft: (+7 095) 742-68-28 www.rtsoft.ru


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