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Все новости от 25 апреля 2000 г.

Interface Ltd announces first results of Partnership-2000 program

Interface Ltd has announced the results of the first stage of its Partnership-2000 program. Launched on February 17, the program calls for Interface Ltd to sign new agreements with its 150 dealers. So far, the contracts have been renewed with 20 Moscow-based and 45 regional companies. Two of them – Policom Pro in St. Petersburg and NPO Computer in Izhevsk – have been granted the status of corporate partners, the others – the status of business partners. The vendor also identified Policom Pro as its dealer with the highest sales volume in 1999. The title of the most dynamic company was granted to Ekaterinburg-based ASK, and the most purposeful company – to Penza-based Continent Company.

Interface Ltd: (+7 095) 135-55-00 www.interface.ru


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