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Все новости от 25 апреля 2000 г.

Barco appoints exclusive distributor in Russia

Barco Display Systems has announced that it assigned DPI as the exclusive distributor of Barco Color Imaging Systems in Russia. Previously, the vendor had two distributors in the country – DPI and Grafitec. According to Alexey Chernikov, marketing director of Terem (the owner of Grafitec) the sales of Barco monitors by his company have increased and the change in status was driven by Barco’s decision to keep one distributor in each region. Mr. Chernikov says until the end of the year his company will continue delivering Barco monitors in Russia and its service center will provide warranty support for them.

DPI: (+7 095) 937-51-57 www.dpi.ru Terem: (+7 095) 956-04-04 www.terem.ru Grafitec: (+7 095) 956-04-04 www.grafitec.ru


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