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Все новости от 1 декабря 2005 г.

Coordinated Study Council

The Coordinated Study Council is an advisory body created under the auspices of Administration Office for Regional Staff Policy. It has the purpose of enabling cooperation between Departments for training staff at the Plants of TMK Group and improving the quality of staff training. The structure of the Coordinated Study Council includes the directors of departments for staff training at plants, as well as personnel and control service employees of regional staff policy.

Tasks of the Council:

  • to provide systematic support for the work of staff training departments;
  • to increase the level of advanced experience;
  • to organise conferences, seminars and regular meetings on actual problems;
  • to collectively examine and discuss study and modular programs;
  • to collectively examine and discuss study programs and plans for the individual training and preparation of top-managers.
Working meeting

The Council plans to hold a Working meeting at least twice a year.

The purpose is to discuss documents (projects) drawn up by Council members and to prepare them to be examined by directors of the Personnel service.

The Coordinated Study Council aims to create a corporate bank of study programs.

Zones of influence of the Coordinated Study Council:

OJSC "Volzhsky Pipe Plant"

Trade House TMK, Volzhsky subsidiary

OJSC "Sinarsky Pipe Plant"

Trade House TMK, Kamensk-Uralsky subsidiary

OJSC "Seversky Tube Works"

Trade House TMK, Polevskoi subsidiary

OJSC "Taganrog Metallurgical Works"

Trade House TMK, Taganrog subsidiary

OAO "TMK", Moscow


Separate subdivison in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk region)


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