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28 2006 .

TMK is a participant of the 3rd International conference Russian oil and gas shelf

With the support of TMK the 3rd International conference Russian oil and gas shelf took place in Moscow on June 27-28, 2006.

At the conference a report was delivered by TMK on enhancement of efficiency of use of tubular goods in oil and gas complex, an exposition of TMK was opened at the exhibition.

The report notes that, under conditions of growth of the share of hydrocarbon raw stock yielded worldwide, in the hard-to-reach fields the demands for reliability of the applied technical equipment, including pipes, and for its efficient use are going higher. In this connection, transference by oil companies of their control functions over supply of tubular goods to service agencies and worldwide pipe-manufacturing companies is becoming a global tendency. Guided by this tendency, TMK proceeded to development of servicing as one of priority orientations of its business.

TMK produces almost all kinds of pipes for oil and gas complex and fulfills a mixed use programme of strategic investments in modernization and expansion of production facilities for manufacturing high-tech kinds of pipes. It enables TMK to provide supplies of tubular goods for implementation of national projects of development of new fields, and also render services of control over the unified system of pipe supplies in all the traditional business presence regions.

The center of attention for the participants of the 3rd International conference Russian oil and gas shelf became the discussion of issues of competitive recovery of continental shelf of the Russian Federation. Among the topics covered at the conference there were: government strategy of investigation and development of oil and gas potential of continental shelf of the Russian Federation, programmes of oil and gas fields exploration and development at the Russian shelf, new technologies and facilities for work at the shelf. Representatives of federal departments and regional governments of the Russian Federation, of companies involved in developing oil and gas shelf of the Russian Federation, of research and developer organizations, commercial/credit and consulting companies took part in the conference.


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